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An ANNOUNCEMENT: Denver Comic Con 2018

I wish to make an ANNOUNCEMENT.  He spoke this last word so loudly and suddenly that everyone sat up…” – JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring.

I have been accepted back to Denver Comic Con 2018!  This is not that I have been refused from being there, just that they have moved away from a guaranteed spot like it was for returning artists like in previous years.

Are any of you all going?

Denver Comic Con 2017

Denver Comic Con 2017 has come and gone.  (Yes, 3 months ago…)  Like last year, I had my own table.  This year, however, I and my wife got things organized much more in advance.  This really reduced the stress of packing and getting ready, and increased my confidence going into the show.  Emily was amazing in plotting and planning out which products would go where on the table and backdrop.  Granted, a lot of that got thrown a wrench when we had to adjust our backdrop for the table space we had, but even that went pretty smoothly!  🙂

Our Table at Denver Comic Con, showing some of our prints!

As far as business went, the Con was actually rather difficult and a little disappointing.  Not many people were in buying moods, perhaps because of the crowds that were there.  But we did have some people come and look at the art and chat, and that was pleasant.  All the art I had for sale there can be found at my gallery, and the comics I was selling are available at Indy Planet.

Some other perks that happened:

Several friends came by and hung out around my table.

I got to enter the Line Webtoons Vertical Story contest and get my portfolio reviewed by Tom Akel and Zach Howard.  The feedback was constructive, giving me things to push towards in my art.  I also was able to go to the Line Webtoons panel about their platform and monetizing web-comics, so that was interesting and exciting.

The short comic I made for the Webtoons Vertical Story contest.
The list of events Line Webtoons was holding Friday – I went to two.

I also got to meet Mark Morales, Crystal Sully, and Stephen McCranie and his wife Kristal!  And I also met and sat next to Michael Matsumoto. Having already been following Mark, Crystal, Stephen, and Michael online before the con, it was great to get to meet them.  All were really nice and willing to chat and share advice.  Artists are real people, don’t be nervous to talk to us!

Finally, I got to spend some time just drawing out a Star Wars sketch cover, which was really pleasant, both as a relaxing thing and getting to draw Star Wars.

A star wars sketch cover with a pencil sketch of two imperial knights, a female and a male in armor with lightsabers
The Star Wars sketch cover I worked on at the Denver Comic Con. Imperial Knights for the win!

Overall, the Con was difficult, but a good thing for me to have gone to.

Character Design for competition

Just wrapped up my entry for the Reckless Deck/Art Order Figures Competition.

The Reckless Deck is a cool card deck to help prompt creativity.  As part of the Kickstarter the creator did for Volume 2, there was a reward of miniature figurines.  And there is a contest to use certain cards from the decks to create characters for a chance for one’s work to be one of those figurines.

So here is my entry.  I started it a while ago but felt overwhelmed with other work.  So I dropped it.  But then I saw that it was ending this week, so I spent a couple days refining and finishing it.

  • Dragon Attributes
  • Claymore/Great Sword
  • Heavy Artillery Laser Cannon
  • Mech Armor
  • Cloak
  • Bow and Arrow

The Northern fields are some of the most dangerous places in the country of Dleosu.  There are of course the lava flows and chasms, but the worst thing is the dragons that inhabit the region.  Unfortunately, it is still a strategic location, which is why the Defensive Reconnaissance Attack Knights Elite Force dispatches their Scouts to the region.  

Equipped with insulated armor, heat-reflective cloaks, helmets with heads up displays and armor based on the biological protective properties of dragon scales, these lone snipers guard the fields against all intruders.  The spikes on the Scouts’ shoulder pads are actually dragon teeth.  These are a mark of rank and status among the troops, but also have the bonus of making dragons more… respectful of the trooper.  

A Scout’s weapons are a Claw – an extendable one-edged sword, and the CLY-1318 DragonBane Sniper Rifle.  The DragonBane is a heavy-hitting piece of equipment, because not only do the D.R.A.K.E.-S need to be able to disrupt any military force from a great distance.  One also never knows when one of the dragons may decide to get too close.

Buy my comics on IndyPlanet

My comics are available for purchase on the IndyPlanet site, both as physical and digital copies:

My IndyPlanet Store

Current titles available:

  • Tales of Warriors and Wanderers Issue 0
  • The Lost Captain


Well, I finished a short comic all my own IP!  It’s the first in a planned series of stories, which are not always related – like Tales of Fantasy back in the day.  Each issue can, but doesn’t have to be, a completely new story/universe.

Sent this comic to Ka-Blam printers yesterday, so I will hopefully have it at Denver Comic Con!

It should also be available at IndyPlanet once they have that ready.

Inktober and School and stuff! Busy busy!

So lately I have been BUSY!  Artistically speaking, I have a digital painting commission, comic pages, Inktober drawings, and schoolwork all to do, plus little sketches here and there.  (That’s not counting all the rest of my life with work and my new wife!)

The Inktober challenge, created by Mr. Jake Parker, has been really fun so far.  I made a list of the drawings I wanted to have, and even sketched some out in advance. They are all illustrations for a fantasy story I have written the overall plot and many scenes from. I wanted to do them in a coloring book style so that I could publish that.  You can see all my drawings as well as some of the stuff from my other projects at my instagram!

And the Inktobers will be posted here soon!

Comic Con!

Had a really good comic con!  Sold a few prints and comics, and had several fun sketch and drawing commissions!

Up and Running!

Well, after a few days of quirky things including a computer simply not wanting to upload to the site, is up and running!

There is still progress to be made: I need to upload a lot more art to each category, and of course keep making art!

Also, I have worked out a new design for my business cards to include this website, as well as my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, all in a correct manner.  So hopefully traffic will increase.

Have plans for some fun art pieces, including fan art of Rey from Force Awakens, the characters from Jim Butcher’s Aeronaut’s Windlass, and images and comics of my original characters!

Stay tuned!

First Post

Well, I now have a website.  And this is my first ever blog post.  I’m mainly just testing how the website works, and how I want to set it up.  So, yeah.  This is a filler page.  But it could clue you in a little bit to my personality if you read it.  But it is also the first post, so don’t try to go back any further in the archives.