My second recorded drawing was of – amoeba people! Well, I was two, and trying to draw people, apparently. But, they look like amoebas. Later drawings evolved to sailing and space ships, pirate flags, treasure maps, and Atlantis with submarines. In my teens, I made friends with another artist, and we pushed each other (competed with one another) in making better fantasy and superhero art. Over the years, I consistently keep working on my artwork to improve and make good, detailed, fun, and amazing art.

Several different types of art have influenced me.  A major influence artistically would be comic books by various creators and artists.  I appreciate the big, bold, and dynamic.  Some of these are the Archangels: The Saga series, for it’s depiction of shiny armor and winged angels; also as the art of Jim Lee for his dynamic forms and energy; finally Alex Ross for his ability to draw superheroes realistically and dynamically.  

As for non-comic art,  James Gurney is a big influence, both for the technical aspects of storytelling and leading the eye through a picture, but also for really using reference but using it as a springboard to make something you imagine look good.  Also, his sense of story, wonder and adventure, even in static poses or varying topics really draw me.  Dan dos Santos’ art is also incredible, for being realistic and amazingly rendered but idealized, with a great amount of strength and energy being seen in his characters.

I work primarily with a combination of traditional pen and ink, digital color, and digital painting. Other mediums I use are Copic markers and toned paper. Subjects I illustrate range from heroic fantasy and science fiction to superheroes and animals. I see my art appearing in comic books, on fantasy and science fiction book covers, and on game cards and covers.  Strengths of my art are figures, telling stories, details, and animals.  I would like to improve in my anatomy, as well as figures feeling more fluid and dynamic and less stiff.  I am able to work in a variety of styles, but would like to refine them all, and learn new ones, without feeling overwhelmed or jealous of those who do things or styles I like without feeling jealous or inferior.

Knowing that I have been given a talent for art, I pour great effort into it, hoping that it will cause happiness or excitement in the viewer. I want to create good entertainment which will be a positive influence on the viewer, and I pray that my art will always be a conduit for God’s grace to touch those who see it.



  • Front Range Community College, Associate of Arts
  • Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, March 2015-Present


  • Bronze Award, Illustration, 2017 RMCAD Student Show.  “Saint of Relaxation.”  Digital Illustration.
  • RMCAD Spring 2017 Merit Scholarship Winner


  • Tales of Warriors and Wanderers, Issue 0.  Comic, full color, 16 pages + cover.  (2017)
  • The Lost Captain. Comic, black and white, 24 pages + color cover.  (2016)
  • Cryptids and Cogs: Wendigo.  Pencils and colors, 10 pages (Red Team Go 2016)
  • Yearly Guardians: Neil Gaiman’s January Tale (sponsored by Blackberry 2013)

Book Covers

Chronicles of Loquacious, Centaur, of Rhodes, by Rob S. Rice (lulu 2012)

Other Client Work

  • Captain America, private commission (March 2017)
  • Hawk Wedding, private commission (February 2017)
  • Family Guardian, private commission (November 2016)
  • Battle Aquaman and Mera, private commission (January 2016)
  • Faire Ladies, private commission (April 2014)
  • The Templar, private commission (2014)
  • Morgan Le Fay, private commission (2013)

Organizations/Volunteer Work

Digital Art Forge,  RMCAD Student production pipeline, concept artist, November 2016 – February 2017


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